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Creek Course

The Creek 9 is the third nine of the 27-hole championship layout designed by famed golf course architect Arthur Hills. The Creek meanders through some of Heron Creek's most beautiful and natural landscape, and in keeping with his usual style, Mr. Hills has created scenic vistas as well as more challenges for your golf game.

A huge landing area awaits your drive on this opening par 4. You may want to try and take some yardage off by cutting the corner of the lake to get the best look into the angled green.

Try to cozy your tee shot near the big-mouth bunker for the shortest and most direct route to this small, 2-tier green. An accurate 2nd shot is required to avoid the deep greenside bunkers.

A high left-to-right tee shot into the steep bank back left should funnel the ball back to the “Sunday” pin position. The cavernous angled bunker protects the right side of this large green.

Swing away on this good-looking par 5. Placing your tee shot between the coquina shell bunker on the right and the sand bunkers on the left will leave you in position to have a go at this devilish little green in 2.

This sporty par 3 nestled along the Myakkahatchee Creek provides this nine its namesake. For a chance at par or better, carry the prickly palmettos to the smallish green that is surrounded by sand on three sides.

Skirt your shots along the water’s edge up the right side on this long par 5, and you’ll find the green. If you bail out left away from the long lake, you’ll find one of the sand crypts stationed throughout the hole.

On this long par 4, hug the angled coquina shell bunker up the left side on your tee shot for a good look into this medium-sized green. There’s room up the right side, but you’ll need to carry the bunker right of the green.

Short, but cute little par 4. Avoid the many hazards off the tee, and you’re rewarded with an easy short iron into the tiny green protected by a watery grave right and a sand bunker left.

Aim your tee shot just right of the monocle bunker near the pond for the best angle into the green. A high left-to-right shot is required on your 2nd shot to get it close and avoid the deceptively deep sand pits on the right.

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